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About Us

Our passion builds our foundation. By following our conscious in everything we encounter with openness and transparency, we gain the trust of our clients and build amazing things.

We partner with the project team to bring the best out of all involved, taking pride in solving problems.

Value Engineering
Scheduling & Logistics


Not only are our owners multi-generational, so are our employees. As one generation paves the way for the next, the product is an upgraded version of oneself. Loyal and integral to the F&S family.

Charles Warshaw


Jared Warshaw

Chief Executive Officer

Since creation, we have cultivated our employees as part of our family. In a high trust environment we garner the best out of our people by making them comfortable so they can focus their energy on their craft. Most become lifers with F&S.

Murray & Charles
The Past
Charles & Jared
The Present
Jared & Tate
The Future
Carlos & Carlos Jr.
Since 1994
Gerson & Stephen
Since 2004
Henry & Naisha
Since 2014

Our Method

Tough work, polished results.

Our lives revolve around solving complicated problems and delivering the most favorable result while always considering the limitations of the client.